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  • 2.
    1)Her stomach hurts, because she ate something that wasn’t fresh.
    2)The doctor said that she must not eat fish, sausage, meat, drink coffee, milk or tea. She may eat vegetables and fruit and drink water.
    3)She doesn’t like vegetables and fruit. She likes to eat sausage, hot dogs and ice cream.
    4) She likes to drink tea, coffee and milk. But she can’t drink water 3 times a day.
    1) Have you ever broken you hand? 
    2) Have you ever read any medical books? 
    3) Have you lived in this town all your life?
    4) How many times have you consulted a doctor this year? 
    5) Have you ever visited a hospital? 
  • 2) 1. Stomach hurts. Probably ate something that wasn’t fresh
    2. Doctor said that for now, I must not eat meat, fish, sausage, drink milk, tea or coffee
    3. Don’t like vegetables and fruit. I like sausage, hot dogs and ice-cream

!!Write out all the verbs form this story Hurry up»,said Mum,»or we’ll be late for school. » We all rushed downstairs, picked up ou

Write out all the verbs form this story
  Hurry up»,said Mum,»or we’ll be late for school. » We all rushed downstairs,picked up our bags and went outside. Mum closed the door. «No,wait! said Kate. » I forgot my homework . Mrs James will go mad if I don’t have it with this time! » So we all went back. «Be quick,Kate,» cried Mum, » or will be very late for school , and Mrs James really will be cross with you» Kate found her homework and rushed downstairs . We all picked up our bags and went outside. Mum closed the door and turned the key in the lock . We all headed for the car. » No,wait! » said Charlie. » I forgot my sport kit and it’s football today. » So we all went back inside. «hurry up,Charlie! » cried Mum. » We’ll be late for shool! » Charlie got his sport kit and rushed downstairs. We all picked up our bag bags and went outside. Mum closed the door and turned the key in the lock . She unlocked the car and we all tried to get in front seat. We could tell by the look on Mum’s face that this was not a good idea, so we got in the back and put on our seatbelts. «I don’t believed it ! » cried Mum . I forgot my bag Well never get to school today . She took off her seatbelts and went back in the house. Mum found her bag and rushed out of the front door . She locked the door , got back into the car ‘ put on her seatbelts and started the car up. «Can we have the radio on,please’Mum? » said Kate. «OK,» said Mum. «But let’s get going or we’ll never get to scholl today. » And the man on the radio said, «Good morning! Now for the latest news on this lovely Saturday morning… » «Saturday? I don’t believe it! » said Mum. «Whoopee! » cried the kids.

  • hurry, said, will be late, rushed, picked, went, closed, wait, forgot,  go mad, don’t have,went , be quick, cried , will be cross, found,  turned, unlocked , tried ,
     could tell , was not , got , put , don’t believe , cried , forgot , get , took , went, 
    found , rushed ,  locked ,  got , put ,  started , let’s get , get to .

Даю 30 балов! Составьте небольшой диалог около 8-10 строчек на английском языке

Даю 30 балов!!! Составьте небольшой диалог (около 8-10 строчек) на английском языке.

  • Hanna: Hi Roger! I am having a dinner party on Saturday night; Peter is coming, would you like to come?
    Roger: Yes, sounds good, what are we having?
    Hanna: How do you like Chinese food.
    Roger: Well to be honest, I don’t like it, I had a bad experience once.
    Hanna: Oh, well, do you like Italian food?
    Roger: No, I can’t like it.
    Hanna: Mmm, what about French?
    Roger: I like it.
    Hanna: Great, that’s good news. I will do a French meal. See you on Saturday at 7.
    Roger: I am looking forward to it.
  • — Excuse me. Could you help me?- Yes. What could I do?- I can’t find the pepper and other flavouring. I am the first time in this supermarket.- Oh, I will show you. Come with me, please.- Do you often do shopping here?- Yes. I live not far from here and every Sunday I go shopping.- Well, we moved to this district the other day. I have two children. Do you have any?- Yes, I have three kids. We often come here together. Oh, here you are. You may choose everything what you want.- Thank you very much. I am sorry. I’d like to ask you some questions about kindergarten. Would you be so pleased to give me your telephone number?- Yes, here you are.- Oh, sorry, I am Janett.-  I am Rosa.- Thank you very much. It was nice to meet. Good-bye.— Me too. Good-bye.

Написать небольшое письмо другу, о том как я решил конфликт между мной и моим одноклассником. причину придумайте, размер маленький 5-6 предложен

Нужно написать небольшое письмо другу, о том как я решил конфликт между мной и моим одноклассником. (причину придумайте, размер маленький 5-6 предложений)

  • рассказ о друге , который тебя предал.. Имя можно заменить…

    Сегодня утром я спокойно шел в школу, как вдруг ко мне подходит моя подруга и говорит, что Саша рассказал всем плохие вещи про тебя и некоторые твои секреты. Но поначалу мне показалось, что это неправда. Так как я не предполагал , что он на такое способен . Через некоторое время я подошел к нему и спросил про этот случай. Он сказал мне , что тебе наврали и специально хотят разрушить нашу дружбу . Я был в растерянности и сказал Саше, что я не буду на это обращать внимание и постараюсь забыть это. Но в скором времени и другие мои знакомые стали говорить мне , что Саша сплетничает про тебя за твоей спиной. И в этот момент я понял, что это правда. Я сразу пошел к Саше и сказал , что больше не хочу общаться с ним и то, что ошибся в нем. И тут он признался , что всем рассказывал про меня , а потом он извинился.После этого происшествия я сделал выводы для себя.После этого случая я буду меньше доверять людям и  рассказывать свои секреты.

    This morning I quietly walked to school , when suddenly approached me and my friend said that Sasha told all the bad things about you and some of your secrets. But at first it seemed to me that this is not true . Since I had no idea that he would do that . After a while I went up to him and asked him about this case . He told me that you lied and specifically want to ruin our friendship . I was confused and said Sasha , I will not pay attention to it and try to forget it . But soon, and my other friends have told me that Sasha gossip about you behind your back . And at that moment I realized that it’s true. I immediately went to Alex and said do not want to communicate with him and what was wrong in it. And he admitted that he told everyone about me, and then he apologized .After this incident, I did conclusions . I would have less confidence in the people and tell their secrets.

Проверьте текст на наличие грамматических и смысловых ошибок. Заранее ! I am writing to thank you for what you haven’t forgotten abou

Проверьте пожалуйста текст на наличие грамматических и смысловых ошибок. Заранее спасибо!

I am writing to thank you for what you haven’t forgotten about my birthday and sent me a gift. It’s very nice of you.
You are very hospitable host and I appreciate everything you did to make my stay so memorable. In my room, I felt at home. Your mum bakes is excellent, and I loved her pies.
My English has improved a lot and I have received higher marks. My pronunciation became clearer and I began to make less grammatical mistakes. I am very grateful.
Thank you once again for your kindness and hospitality. I hope we will have the chance to meet again -perhaps you could ever visit us.

  • Ошибок нет, всё в порядке

Нужен рассказ о своей семье на английском 6 класс. Примерно так :У меня большая семья:Мама, папа,2 брата я и сестра. Моя мама домохозяйка. Мой самый старш

Нужен рассказ о своей семье на английском (6 класс).Примерно так :У меня большая семья:Мама,папа,2 брата я и сестра.Моя мама домохозяйка.Мой самый старший брат — Андрей,ему 24 года.Другому брату-Саше 18 лет ,он учится в школе.У моей сестры Кати есть муж и дети.Я очень люблю своих племянников.Мы часто ходим с детьми в парк.лол)

  • I have a big family. First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Regina. I’m twelve years old. I’m at 6-th grade.There are three kids in our family include me. My elder brother name is Ildar, my younger sister Svetlana. Ildar is twenty-five. He is an engineer in a plant. He graduate University in 21 years. Svetlana is 10 years. She is in 4-th grade. She want to become a doctor. Also we have a pet. It is cat. His name is Timon. It is my favourite cat.My parents are not so old. My father is fifty-one, he is a driver. My Mum is fifty, she works in a library.Also I have grandmother an grandfather. They are both teachers. My grandparents are already retired. They like gardening and spend all their time growing potatoes, tomatoes and so on.Every week we go to the swimming pool.I like to play with my cat. Sometimes I play in different games with my sister Svetlana. Ildar helps me to do home work.Every week we also go shopping and buy fruits, tasty food and, of course, а toy for me.I love my family! 
    Ну имена сам вставишь свои и все 

Выбрать правильный вариант:1 Ther is/are a bedside table and a bed in the bedroom.2 She usually gets/is getting up at 7 o’clock.3 Tim plays/i

Помогите выбрать правильный вариант:
1) Ther is/are a bedside table and a bed in the bedroom.
2) She usually gets/is getting up at 7 o’clock.
3) Tim plays/is playing computer games now.
4) My aunt have/has got a big house.
5) Look at Jane/Jane’s dog. It can dance.
6) Look at Jane/Jane’s. She is riding a bike.
7) Do/Are you watch/watching TV in the evening?
8) How many chairs is/are there in the sitting room? 

  • 1) is

Это переведенный текст, сделать из него стих, ! Летом волны разбиваются так нежно и создают мягкие звуки которые принадлежат с

Это переведенный текст, нужно сделать из него стих, помогите пожалуйста!
Летом волны разбиваются так нежно и создают мягкие звуки которые принадлежат сладким песням русалки,
но зимой волны крушаться так буйно и разбиваются об блестящие камни под их яростью и громом,
это трудно вспомнить шторм в декабре это бриллиантовое голубое небо и колыбельную волн.

  • Песен русалок мягкие звуки
    Разбиваясь так нежно, летом волны поют,
    Но волн не жалея, блестящие камни
    С яростью и громом их сокрушают.
    Шторм в декабре, алмазное небо,
    Колыбельная волн — все это забыть нелегко.