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К завтру

к завтру плиз 
 плиз   плиз плиз очень надо 

  • 4. 
    1)Слово в скобках на первом месте
    2)Тоже что и в первом
    3)Слово в скобках после steven 
    4)После Maria is
    5)После I
    1)What do you usually do in the evening?
    I usually watch a DVD
    2)When does he go to the gym?
    He goes..
    3)Does he play the….?
    No. he doesn’t.He plays…
    4)Does she watch….
    No,she doesn’t.She usually surfs…
    5)What do the do..?
    They go….
    6)When do you leave…?
    We catch…

Описание неловкой ситуации на английском

описание неловкой ситуации на английском

  • Tactful person usually tries to warn create awkwardness of the situation, but to avoid them altogether unlikely anyone will. If foresee the situation, we can translate all what is happening in jest, or to represent all in a slightly different light. 

    In conflict situations, to the extent possible, to avoid a dispute. In most cases, the correct solution would be to give in, not exacerbating the conflict, and apologize. Because of this, You most likely will not only lose, but will exalt himself in the eyes of others. 

    If to give the dispute is impossible, try to convince people politely and tactfully. In an embarrassing situation, do not raise your voice, stick friendly tone. Say, looking in the eyes, carefully listen to his arguments.

! Чем скорее, тем лучше с:Read the limerick and describe what really happened. Use the Past Simple and the Past Continuous. Two serious gents in

ПОМОГИТЕ! Чем скорее, тем лучше с:

Read the limerick and describe what really happened.
Use the Past Simple and the Past Continuous.

Two serious gents in the middle of night
Were having debates on the property right
They hardly escaped the boot, which I threw.
I am sure my actions were fair and true,
As thus I prevented the fight.

Ребят, не надо переводить. Просто напишите, что произошло на самом деле, используя Past Simple и Past Continuous. Если что, то на картинке изображено, что на самом деле было.

  •    I wrote a mini-composition:

       Yesterday night I was woken up by a strange noise. When I looked out of the window I saw two dogs fighting because of the sausage. They simply couldn’t divide it. I was bored by them to death. I got very irritated. That is why I threw a boot to prevent them from violence to each other. I think that everybody would do the same because the noise was so awful. Fortunately, none of the dogs was hit. After that I got to my bed again and continued to sleep.

Крылатые выражения об английском языке афоризмы на английском, с переводом

крылатые выражения об английском языке афоризмы ( на английском,с переводом)

  • Actors are the only honest hypocrites. Актеры  —  единственные честные лицемеры.

    Anyone who has never really loved has never really lived  —  Тот, кто никогда по-настоящему не любил, никогда по-настоящему не жил.

    Not to know is bad, not to wish to know is worse. 
    Не знать плохо, не хотеть знать — еще хуже. 

    Success doesn’t come to you…you go to it. 
    Успех сам не приходит к Вам… Вы идете к нему.

    If you want to be somebody, somebody really special, be yourself! 
    Хочешь быть кем-то, кем-то действительно особенным — будь собой! 

1 Complete the sentences. Chosse from the bos and put the verb in the correct form. we have a bigger house Iwatch it it be a bit cheaper

1) Complete the sentences. Chosse from the bos and put the verb in the correct form.
we (have) a bigger house      I(watch) it          it (be) a bit cheaper       we (buy) a bigger house       every day (be) the same    I(be) bored    we (have) some pictures on the wall       the air (be) cleaner
1 I’d buy that jaket if it was a bit cheaper
2 If there was a good film on TV tonight,…..
 This room would be nicer if….
4 If there wasn’t so much traffic,…..
5 Lifewould be boring if…..
6 If I had nothing to do,…….
7 We could invite all our friends to stay if…….
8 If we had more money,…….

2) Complete the sentences. Use your own ideas.
1 I’d go to the dentist if  i had a toothache
if i could go anywhere in the world….
3 I wouldn’t be very happy if…….
4 I’d buy a house if ……
5 If i saw an accident in the street……
6 the world would be a better place if……

  • 2. I would sit at home
    3. you changed the wallpaper.
    4. we would get home much earlier.
    5. I didn’t meet you!
    6. I would help you with your homework.
    7. we had a big flat.
    8. we would buy a house.
    2) 1. I would choose Cuba.
    .3. I lost my friend.
    4. I had enough money.
    5. I would call a police.
    6. people stopped smoking.

, решить и перевести. Вставьте модальные глаголы can, must, should, may и переведите получившиеся предложения:1 i like chess and

Пожалуйста, помогите решить и перевести.
Вставьте модальные глаголы ( can, must, should, may)  и переведите получившиеся предложения:
1) i like chess and __________ play it very well.
2) i am very tired. i ________ go to bed now. 
3) you ________ not write personal emails to friends at work.
4) you look very ill. you_________ go home.
5) you ______ not put much salt in your food.
6) i don’t go to swimming pool because I _________ not swim.
7) police officers_________wear a uniform for work.
8) we finished the work. ________ we go home?
9) take the umbrella, the weather _______ change.
10) students ______ switch off mobile phones at the lessons.

  • 1)Can.Мне нравятся шахматы и я хорошо в них играю.
    2)should.Я очень устал.Мне следует пойти в постель.
    3)mustn’t.Ты не должен писать письма своим друзьям на работе.
    4)must.Ты выглядишь очень плохо.Ты должен пойти домой
    5)shouldn’t.Тебе не следует ложить много соли в еду.
    6)can’t.Я не пойду в бассейн,потому что я не умею плавать
    7)must.Полицейские должны одевать полицейскую униформу на работу.
    8)can.Мы закончили работу.Мы можем пойти домой?
    9)may.Возьми зонт,погода может измениться.
    10)should.Студенты должны отключать мобильные телефоны на занятиях.

Привет,!Choose the opposites. Write them down in pairs. a dangerous, extraordinary, incredible, real, serious, polite, ancient, tal

Привет,помогите пожалуйста!!Срочно!!

Choose the opposites.Write them down in pairs.
a) dangerous,extraordinary,incredible,real,serious,polite,ancient,tall,handsome,athletic,strong,hard-working,obedient,noisy,unreal.

b) to agree,to put on,to forget,to be right,to start,to repair,to love,to find,to close,to give,to sit,to talk.
to lose, to be wrong,to break,to opem,to hate,to take,to stand, to take off,to keep silent,to stop,to remember, to disagree.
Спасибо заранее!!!

  • а) dangerous-safe, extraordinary-ordinary, incredible-usual,real-unreal,serious-funny,polite-impolite,ancient-modern,tall-short,handsome-ugly,athletic-non-athletic, strong-weak, hard-working -lazy,obedient-naughty,noisy-quiet

    б) to agree-to disagree,to put on-to take off, to forget-to remember,to be right-to be wrong,to start-to stop,to repair-to break,to love-to hate,to find-to lose,to close-to open, to give- to take, to sit — to stand, to talk — to keep silent 

Самое верхнее задание б неучи не делайте за 6 класс это

самое верхнее задание б
плииз неучи не делайте за 6 класс это

  • 1. Dave looks like his elder brother.
    2. The mother took away a knife from her baby.
    3. The teacher asked his students to write at dictation a poem.
    4. The aeroplane took off an hour late.
    5. He came in and took off his coat.
    6. The shop assistant said they would take back goods if there was a receipt.
    7. The old lady took off her glasses and put them on the table.
    8. When does the plane take off?
    9. Will you help me remove curtains?
    10. The reporters whote down every word of his speech.