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What do you like and dont like about your school? Remember to sayWhat do you like and dont like about your school? Remember to say about school proces

What do you like and dont like about your school? Remember to say

What do you like and dont like about your school? Remember to say about school process, facilities, after school activies, teachers and friends. Do not forget to give arguments and examples to support your ideas.


  • Что вам нравится и не нравится в вашей школе? Не забудьте 
    Что вам нравится и не нравится в вашей школе? Не забудьте сказать 
    Что вам нравится и не нравится в вашей школе? Не забудьте сказать о школьном процессе, объектов, после школы Activies, учителей и друзей. Не забудьте дать аргументы и примеры, чтобы поддержать ваши идеи.

  • Что вам нравится и не нравится в вашей школе? Не забудьте Что вам нравится и не нравится в вашей школе? Не забудьте сказать Что вам нравится и не нравится в вашей школе? Не забудьте сказать о школьном процессе, объектов, после школы Activies, учителей и друзей. Не забудьте дать аргументы и примеры, чтобы поддержать ваши идеи.

Complete the sentences 1If the weather is good tomorrow, i2If i get a good mark, my parents3When the holidays begin we 4I will ask my mother fo

Complete the sentences
 1)If the weather is good tomorrow,i
2)If i get a good mark,my parents
3)When the holidays begin we 
4)I will ask my mother for advice becoreI
 5)I will visit my grandparents as soon as
6)I  will help my  friend if

  • если я не ошибаюсь это Conditionals?
    1)  i will go for a wаlk.
    2) will proud of me.
    3) we will have a very amazing holydays.
    4) не разобрал последнее слово.
    5) i will be angry on my parents.
    6) he will help me.
  • 1) I will go for a walk
    2) will be proud of me
    3) will go abroad
    4) I have any problems
    5) I recover (from my illness)
    6) he asks me to do so

Сообщение на тему «природа и человек» на английском языке, примерно 10 предл

сообщение на тему «природа и человек» на английском языке, примерно 10 предл.

  • Everything on our planet is interconnected. Nature provides us with lots of products, which are indispensable to human existence and of our relationship to natural resources depends the future of all life on Earth.

    The increasing globalization leads to the fact that many of the processes occurring in the nature, and its problems caused by both human activities and natural events, from the local become international. Fewer still on the Earth groups, which do not affect the dramatic environmental changes.

    The most important problem of the 21st century is environmental pollution. Development of technologies to improve our quality of life has its downside: there is a pollution of the environment, harms not only by humans but also animals and plants, which eventually leads to the impoverishment of fauna and flora diversity, and even the complete disappearance of many species.

    Environmental pollution does not respect borders: it is impossible to build a stone wall, or put a customs posts along the entire state border protection streams contaminated air and water masses, and other carriers of dangerous pollutants.

    Nature IS NOT an object, existing separately from people; nature is us; we are an integral part of and should take care of it the best way. This is the solution of problems of environmental contamination.

Перевести текстRobert Midhurst is 65, but he looks much younger. Last year he was in Europe and North Afrika on a bicycle for more than six m

помогите перевести текст
Robert Midhurst is 65, but he looks much younger. Last year he was in Europe and North Afrika on a bicycle for more than six mouths. Last September the weather in Britain was very bad, so Robert got on his bicycle in London and went to Dover. At Dover he took a ferry. After three days he reached Paris, butin Paris the weather wasn’t better than in London. It rained all the time. Again he got on his bike and started the journey to  Spain. Robert likes France a lot. He travelled slowli. The weather got bettwas late October when he arrived in Spain. For fer. The days were verysunny and warm. It was late October when he arrived in Spein. For five dais he travelled slowli because there were strong winds, and it ofter rained. At the beginning of November the weather got better. The sun shone but the beaches were often empty. He left Spain at the beginning of Desember. In Desember he was in Afrika. The jouney was very interesting. He came back to England by plane.

  • Роберт Мидхарст составляет 65, но он выглядит намного моложе. В прошлом году он был в Европе и Северной Afrika на велосипеде в течение более шести рот. В сентябре прошлого года погода в Великобритании было очень плохо, поэтому Роберт сел на велосипед в Лондоне и пошел в Дувр. В Дувре он сел на паром. После трех дней он достиг Париж Бутин Париж погода была не лучше, чем в Лондоне. Шел дождь все время. Он снова сел на велосипед и начал путешествие в Испанию. Роберт любит Франция много. Он путешествовал slowli. Погода стала bettwas конце октября, когда он приехал в Испанию. Для фермионов. Дни были verysunny и тепло. Это было в конце октября, когда он прибыл в Spein. За пять помосте он путешествовал slowli, потому что были сильные ветры, и это Ofter дождь. В начале ноября погода стала лучше. Солнце светило, но пляжи были часто пустыми. Он покинул Испанию в начале Desember. В Desember он был в Afrika.Jouney было очень интересно. Он вернулся в Англию на самолете.



  • 1. — How much milk is there in the bottle?
        — Not much.
    2. — May I have some apple juice?
        — Sure. Here you are.
    3. — How many tomatoes are there in the basket?
        — Not many.
    4. — Please, give me a blue pen and a red pencil.
        — Sure. Here you are. It’s two pounds fifty pence.
    5. — Mum, may I watch TV now?
        — No, you may not. It’s time to go to bed.
    6. — Will we go to the beach now?
        — Not yet. It’s still very hot!
    7. — Dad, may I invite my new friends to our house?
        — Of course you may. What are their names?

Рассказать про мою семью на английском языке

рассказать про мою семью на английском языке

  • My name is Rina. I have a big family.My family is very friendly and kind. My mother is  a teacher. My father is a businessman.
    My grandparents are pensioners. My greatgradpa is still alive. He is now 85 years
    old. He lives with my greatparents not far from us. He is very
    brave. He took part in World War Two. He was a soldier at that time.
    After the War he decided to be a military man. He became a general. I
    like his strories about his life in the army. I am very proud of my
    I like when my mother reads me
    books . And I like travelling with my mom and dad. And of course i like
    my granny’s cakes. Every Sunday all the members of my family gather
    together and we go  to the church. After that, we have dinner together. I
    love my family very much.

Перевести с русского на английский!

Помогите перевести с русского на английский!

  • 1 in our country children are involved in sports. his childhood. In winter, they love to ski paradise. skating, summer swim and play soccer in the Islands and their rollers stadiums, sports halls. swimming pools, tennis courts zheny over 2 sport morning exercise is useful for peoрple age and it makes a person strong and energetic after a tiring work helps shake yea joy again and feel fresh and full of energy. s hockey-great game, very used to playing in dokksa in school, and now, unfortunately I only spectator. Tel is a very popular game that Iona million spectators enthusiastically watching on television. when broadcast stimpiyskie matches or matches wa world championship, on the streets and in the movie becomes less people. 4. I prefer sports where teams compete, not individual athletes 5. competitions include almost all sports that governmental and voslednie 6 years my friend p, he looks all television transmission. pa do troet his favorite team. last he looked about, ended in a draw. long a (neither on the team could not open Spartak scored a goal and then set up the second time, it seemed that aDinamoo zakoachit game hens with shock and only in the second half (period of time) to level the set alos 7. exercises with commitments. Sporting events of friendship (make friends), etuzhat peace athlete did not expect even a 9 — 9 movoaymaniya. their record as a result set novyA cocoa record of vimoredelal beyond what. hold m cord in the high jump, and he is 10. I never not cricket. too. moa zealous sports botelschi 13. recep our former champion of the Soviet Union’s plans meter to us loved me too arbitrary programa 15 is not surprising that he does Igor shtanroa. 16 food once a strong basketball Obala oh how I remember — I too soavblyu 17. As a child I did not know how to ride a horse. nate. Me too 18. I never Villette otogo dock. arkto her team. 19. th was the best cyclist of playing football is not mor otomu You’re playing chess?-Yes,

Rewrite the sentences by putting the verbs in the Passive Voice.1The Mayor will open the new library tomorrow.2Versarce created the costumes for the p

Rewrite the sentences by putting the verbs in the Passive Voice.

1)The Mayor will open the new library tomorrow.

2)Versarce created the costumes for the play.

3)Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.

4)They will arrange a meeting for next week.

5)No one has transated this play yet.

6)In France they hold elections for President every five years.

7)Advertising influences a lot of people.

8)You should send this fax right away.

9)They found him guilty of murder.

10)You cannot take pets into the theatre. 

Помогите пожалуйста,срочно.

  • 1) The new library will be opened by the mayor tomorrow.
    2) The costumes for the play were created by Versarce.
    3) Hamlet was written by Shakespeare
    4) A meeting will be arranged by them for nex week.
    5) This play hasn’t been translated yet.
    6) In France elections for President are held every five years.
    7) A lot of people are influenced by advertising.
    8) This fax should be sent right away.
    9) His was found guilty of murder.
    10) Pets can’t be taken into the theatre