For questions 1-8, fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs from the box. There is an example (0) at the beginning.

clean, collect, pick, rake, sew, sweep, visit, practise.
(0) Have you done your homework, John?
1) I ___ Moscow this year.
2) My brother ______ football for 3 years.
3) We _____many soft toys for children.
4) I dont like_____ leaves. But I______ all the leaves in my grandmothers garden today.
5) Our class _____ up the litter in the local park this week.
6) We ______ secondhand toys for children this month.
7) Our class helped to ____ up our neighbourhood.
8) I usually help my dad to ____ the paths.
For questions 1-7, fill in the gaps with the verb in the correct form and a word in brackets. There is an example (0) at the beginning.
(0) I have sung (sing) in the choir for three years. (since/ for)
1) We ______ (not finish) the test______ . (already/ yet)
2) ______ your friend______ (watch) a new film ______? (just/ yet)
3) I _____ (wash) all the dishes_______ . (just/ yet)
4) My friend_______ (do) pantomime ______he was ten. (since/ for)
5 I _____(do) this exercise ____ 5 minutes. (since/ for) .
6) We _______ (perform) folk dances ______ five years. (since/ for)
7) I ______(finish) the test ________. (already/ yet)

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