Напишите, пожалуйста, 12 вопросов к этому тексту. Много баллов,

Напишите, пожалуйста, 12 вопросов к этому тексту. Много баллов, заранее огромное

Icebergs are huge floating pieces of ice, and sometimes they can be as big as a ten-storeyed building The main part of an iceberg is below the water and only a small part of it can be seen above. Icebergs can be not only blue and white but also green, brown and even black — depending on stones, plankton (планктон) and even plants that are in them
Icebergs can be dangerous for ships as they can move very quickly and sometimes it’s not so easy to detect them in time. Waves, speed of wind, and ocean current (течение) can prevent even modern radar equipment from detecting them. Big ships can’t stop or change their direction suddenly and that can make crashing unavoidable.
Everyone knows the story of the Titanic, one of the biggest ships that crashed into a huge iceberg. The Titanic was considered to be very safe and unsinkable, but she sank in the Atlantic Ocean on her very first sea voyage in 1912 Few people, however, know about the Titanic’s sisters — the Britannic and the Olympic, another two huge ocean liners. Those three ships were very much alike. During the World War I, the youngest sister, the Britannic, became the biggest floating hospital. She was bad у damaged by a German mine (мина) and sank not far from Greece The Olympic was launched in 1910, two years before the Titanic, and unlike her unfortunate sisters, lived a long life — almost half a century.

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Напишите, пожалуйста, 12 вопросов к этому тексту. Много баллов,: 1 комментарий

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    What is the main part of an iceberg?
    Why can icebergs be different colours?
    Why isn`t it easy for sailors to detect icebergs on time? 
    Which factors can prevent modern radar equipment from detecting icebergs? 
    Why do icebergs make crashing unavoidable?
    What was the biggest ship in the world?
    What did Titanic crash? 
    Does Titanic have sisters? 
    List the names of the Titanic sisters.
    Why were they more lucky than Titanic?
    What happened to the youngest sister?
    Where did Britannic sank?
    In which year was the Olympic launch? 

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