Поставь данные в скобках глаголы в Present Simple или Past Simple.

Tommy Brown likes making up stories. No one 1)__(believe)

what he 2)___(say) because ha always 3)___(tell) lies.He 4)___(live ) in a small village and 5)__(work) on a farm just outside the village . One night last week, Tommy 6)___(finish) work late. It 7)____ (be ) dark and cold. Suddenly , he 8)__(hear) a strange noise , so he 9)__9LOOK) UP. iT 10)__(BE) A ufo WITH BRIGHT FLASHING LIGHTS. tHE ufo 11)___ (COME DOWN) TOWARDS HIM AND HE 12)___ see) two green men looking at him from inside.He 13)___ (scream) , 14)___ (drop) his bag and 15)___ (run away).When he 16)___(arrive) in the village , he 17)___(run ) into some vilagers and 18)___ (start) telling them about the aliens but they all 19)___(laugh) at him. No one 20)___ (believe ) Tommy.

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