Read the advertisement. Write «+» in the box, if there is an answer to the question in the text; write «-» if there is no information on the point. Join us

for a camping holiday! If you want to have a good time and enjoy nature, you can take part in our camping holiday. Everyone is welcome! The meeting point is the central railway station, Saturday, at 7 a.m. Don`t be late. You`ll find us easily you`ll never miss a crowd of cheerful people with huge rucksacks! Just come up and say «hello». We plan to be back to the city at 10 p.m. on Sunday. If this is going to be your first camping holiday, please read the following instructions carefully: 1 Take food for two days. The food should be simple and not very heavy. Make sure that the food can be kept without fridge. Take drinking water with you. Don`t take sweet or fizzy drinks. Pure water is the best choice. 2 Take warm clothes with you a sweater or a coat. It`s recommended to wear jeans, not shorts or skirts. Your footwear should be comfortable and suitable for a long walk. 3 Take some medicine with you, just in case something goes wrong. 4 No rubbish (paper, glass, or polyethylene packages) can be left at the camping site. You`ll have to carry everything to special containers. We are very strict about that. If you follow our recommendations, you`ll enjoy your holiday and will make new friends. 1. If I want to join the campers, where can I meet them? + — 2. When will I be back in the city? + — 3. Should I take any food with me? + — 4. What should I wear and what clothes should I take with me? + — 5. Should I take matches to make a fire? + — 6. Who will collect the rubbish, if there is any? + — 7. Should I have any money on me? + —