Переведите пожалуйста

22 December
Dear Santa Claus,
I am Miss Chatter. I am a teacher at Green School. I have got eleven pupils. They are nice and smart. They can read, write and count well.
Billy can write funny poems (стихи). Martin likes to read books. Mary and Bess like to dance and sing merry songs. Jack and Thomas can play football. Nick and Pam can play tennis well. Dino likes to play chess. Jane can skip very well. Peter likes to ride his bike.
They are good friends. They like to go to school. They like to play together.
My pupils and I like Christmas. It’s a happy holiday. Come and see us. We have got a nice Christmas tree at school. We have got a Christmas present for you. We can sing a Christmas song for you.
Merry Christmas,
Miss Chatter