I ________ (listen) to the radio while Mary __________ (cook) dinner.You __________ (buy) this book yesterday?Last Friday Jill __________ (go) home early

because she __________ (want) to see a film.When your brother usually __________ (get) home in the evening?Jane always __________ (bring) us a nice present.What those people __________ (do) in the middle of the road?You __________ (read) this book?While Fred __________ (sleep), Judy __________ (watch) TV.When I __________ (be) young, I __________ (think) Mary __________ (be) nice but now I __________ (think) shes fantastic.Jill __________ (walk) home when she __________ (see) her husbands car outside the cinemaLook there! Sue and Tim __________ (run) to school.Jacks father __________ (not work) in London he __________ (not speak) English.Joe __________ (buy) a car yesterday.Their father often __________ (go) to rock concerts.While you __________ (sleep), mother __________ (arrive).

Внимание, только СЕГОДНЯ!