Мини — сочинение на тему жизнь в будущем на

Мини — сочинение на тему жизнь в будущем на английском языке.

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Мини — сочинение на тему жизнь в будущем на: 1 комментарий

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    Future Life

    Can you imagine what our lives will be like in the year 2050? Perhaps you will be flying off for a holiday on the moon, or maybe you will be taking your dog for a walk in the virtual reality.

    We recently carried out a survey of 1,000 people from different countries to find out what they think life will be like in the future. The results clearly demonstrate both our hopes and fears. The survey suggests that friendship — one of the most important human relationships -will have changed dramatically.

    People will make friends through the Internet. What is more, a large number of people will even come across their future husbands or wives in this way! Computers will have become absolutely essential by 2050. Even now, some people describe them as their best friend! Others, however, say that we will become much more isolated from each other because we will have little real human contact.

    Education will have changed a lot too. As more and more children will be using computers in schools, certain abilities, such as mental arithmetic will not be necessary since there will be computer programs. Even writing by hand will have become a thing of the past.

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