Fill in the missing words.

Fill in the missing words.

1)Doctors use a special …. when they talk about medicine.
2)Where did you buy this ….. for children?
3) The baby*s …. is very small, he knows only ten words.
4)There is a …. at the end of the book. You can find all the difficult words there .
5)What famos …. of the English language do you know?
6)This book is a German-English … .
7) Pupils write the new English words in their …. .
8) When you open a … you can learn a lot about words.

Внимание, только СЕГОДНЯ!

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  1. TeacherY Автор записи
    1 word
    2 toy
    3 vocabulary
    4 vocabulary
    5 scientists
    6 dictionary
    7 workbooks
    8 thesaurus

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