Решить 1 и 2 номер

Помогите решить 1 и 2 номер

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    1) Robert asked Henry to help him with that work.
    2) He asked waitress to bring him some fish soup
    3) Mary asked her friend not to mention that to anybody
    4) He told us to come there the next day
    5) I told Mike to send me a telegram as soon as he arrived
    6) Farther told me not to stay there long
    7) My friend asked me to explain to him how to solve that problem
    8) The doctor told Nick to open his mouth and (to) show him his tongue
    9) The man told Kate not to be afraid of his dog
    10) The doctor told Peter not to go for a walk that day
    1) He told me he was going to the theatre that evening
    2) I told them that I could give them my uncle’s address
    3) Oleg said that his room was on the second floor
    4) Misha said that he had seen them at his parents’ house the year before
    5) She said that she didn’t go to that shop very often
    6) The woman said that that man had spoken to her on the road
    7) The teacher told the class that they would discuss that subject the next day
    8) Mike said that they had bought those books that day
    9) She said that we should (=would) read that book in the 9th form
    10) The teacher told me that I had not done my work well

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