З . новости олимпиады на английском языке с переводом. зарание спс

помогите плизз срочно надо. новости олимпиады на английском языке с переводом. зарание спс

  • MOSCOW, 7 Feb — the Opening of the Olympic games can be seen on plasma
    screens in public and «sterile» areas of the terminals in the business
    and VIP Lounges. Commercial partners of the airport will also broadcast
    the main sport event in cafes, restaurants and shops, in a statement.

    according to the airport on February 7 he took more than 7 thousand
    accredited persons (members of the national teams, delegations,
    journalists excluding fans and spectators), following in Sochi. The
    number of flights in the Olympic capital increased to 10 daily. In
    General, «Sheremetyevo», in cooperation with the airline «Aeroflot» will
    serve about 70% of the guests and participants of the Games that fly
    through Moscow, predicts the airport.

    For athletes and spectators
    of the games in the D-terminal allocated seven separate check-in
    counters, where you can quickly pass registration on the flight. Airline
    round-the-clock volunteers.
    The IOC in September 2011 granted the
    status of special representative of information Agency Olympiad
    (national host Agency and the national фотопул) group «RIA Novosti»,
    which includes the Agency sports information «f-Sport»; in March 2013
    RIA Novosti was given the status of a national of the host Agency of the
    Paralympic games in Sochi.

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