Now write the story of Krakatoa

now write the story of Krakatoa.

    Krakatau — an active volcano in Indonesia , located in the Malay
    Archipelago in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra .

    Islands Area 10.5 km ². The
    height of the current volcano 813 meters, to the volcano eruption in
    1883 was significantly higher and represented one large island. However, the most powerful eruption in 1883 destroyed the island and the volcano.

    — typical stratovolcano erupted therefore always accompanied by a
    powerful explosion and release of huge amount of ash. Study of the volcano and the surrounding areas to establish the following powerful prehistoric eruptions. Under assumptions of volcanologists , one of the most powerful eruptions have occurred in the year 535 . This
    led to the eruption of the global climatic effects on the Earth, noted
    that dendrochronology , studying tree rings of ancient trees in
    different parts of the world . According to some assumptions , this eruption, accompanied by the
    collapse of a large portion of the surface and formed the Sunda Strait ,
    separating the island of Java and Sumatra .

    The most famous Krakatau eruption in historical times were held in 1680 and 1883 respectively. The last eruption virtually destroyed the island on which the volcano.

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