Учебник Enjoy English 4 класс стр. 67 номер 7 помогите пожалуйста в первый раз прошу очень надо

  • 1. No, she hasn’t. Mag has got a big family.
    2. No, he doesn,t. Mag’s brother doesn’t like to watch stars.
    3. Yes, it is. Mag’s dog is white and black.
    4. No, they haven’t got a parrot.
    5. No, they don’t. They don/t write letterson Sundays.
    6. No, she didn’t. She didn’t take a photo of the stars.
    7. No, he can’t read books.
  • 1)Has Mag got a small family?
    -No she has. Mag’s family a big.
    2)Does Mag’s brother like to watch the stars?
    -No Hi does. Mag’s Bro likes play with her granpa.
    3)Is Mag’s dog white and black?
    -Yes hi is. Her dog white and black.
    4)Has thay got a parrot?
    -No they has. They has got cat and dog.
    5)Do Mag’s mummy and sister Becky write letters on Sundays?
    -No they does. They play puzzles on Sunday.
    6) Did Mag take a photo of the stars yesterday?
    -No she didn’t. She take a funny photo of her family.
    7)Can Bill read books?
    -Yes hi can.

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