Wrate: What are your plans for today? What have you already done? What are you going to do?Today I want to walk my dog and phone my best friend. I have already phoned my friend. I am going to walk my dog.( Это пример нужно что-то типо такого)

  • Today I want to read the book and to visit my friend. I have already read the book. I am going to visit my friend. 
    Today I want to swim in the sea and walk my dog. I have already walked my dog. I am going to swim in the sea. 
    Today I want to watch the film and to do my homework. I have already done my homework I am going to watch the film. 
    Today I want to write a letter and to help my mother. I have already written the letter and I am going to help my mother. 

Внимание, только СЕГОДНЯ!