С английским. задать 4 вопроса к предложениям — общий, Where, When, who:- My friend made a snowman on the playground yester

Помогите пожалуйста с английским.
Надо  задать 4 вопроса к предложениям — (общий, Where, When, who:)
1.- My friend made a snowman on the playground yesterday.
2. Kate swims in the river every summer.

  • 1)Do you know how to make a snowman?
    2)Where is the river situated?
    3)When Kate go home after swimming?
    4)Who can give a clothes for snowman?
  • Who did make a snowman on the playground yesterday
    What did my friend make on the playground yesterday 
    What did My friend did yesterday
    Where did my friend make a snowman

    Who does swim in the river every summer
    When does Kate swim in the river
    Where does Kate swim every summer
    What does Kate do every summer

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