Сочинение на тему традиции Англии

сочинение на тему традиции Англии

  • Compliance with British traditions is evident not only in politics, but it is literally at every turn, in the most that neither is ordinary life. British contrary to logic and common sense to observe the system of weights and measures , link sided movement traditions in food. Milk tea have long been the national drink of the English, without which daily » afternoon tea » — not just a strictly established mealtime , and, above all , an occasion to communicate with family, friends , and colleagues. This famous British tradition was extended in Europe and the USA. Sometimes a tradition — ornament is not just . Ifnear Edinburgh Castle you will see a guard in the operetta , in the opinion of modern Europeans , scottish skirt , a carbine in his hands — not a toy .Except Easter, Christmas and New Year holidays are all strictly in England on Monday . New Year — January 1 , celebrated in the family with a traditional apple pie. Easter is always observed in April in Catholic churches in this day organ concerts take place. Easter Monday (Easter Monday) — the day we can congratulate each other on Easter to give gifts, children on the streets , to give sweets and toys . In April flower show featuring the best gardeners of England also spent . In this exhibition, a competition for the best drawing bouquet arranged. If you find yourself in England in May, you will have the opportunity to participate in festivals and costumed street parade held on the first Monday in May ( May Day ) . Last Monday in May — Spring Festival (Spring Bank Holiday) celebrated — decorated by garlands of flowers streets you can enjoy a real English roast . May — the most favorite month of the English, for nearly all thirty days of fun and excitement reigns in the atmosphere. In May will be interesting to visit the local festival sweeps Rochester. The beginning of June marked the opening of the royal regatta Henli ( 30 km from Oxford ) . June : International Animation Festival . Leading animators world gather in Cardiff Hall » Saint -devids- hall» and other platforms in the city center . Lovers of classical and sacred music , it may be advisable to visit in July Arts Festival in London and the City festival of sacred music in Chichestere. Also in July, the International Festival of music and dance performed . Royal National holiday in Aberystwyth , which is arranged on August 12 is very interesting. On the streets of the city, pageant play . Best beginning poets of Wales, read poetry , Fair subjectsof art , antiques and samples of Welsh folk art will be organized . July — August : Kardiffsky summer festival . Festival » street entertainment » ; whole city turns into a » place for walking » : Concerts, festivals, Lord Mayor’s Parade and the International Street Theatre Festival . Last Monday in August , the day of rest (August Bank Holiday) celebrated. On this day, cities, people try to spend outdoors. Unforgettable show ceremony druids autumnal equinox ( September 22) . In October in Nottingham happy holiday jolly good fellow Robin Buzzing set contests , rides, games and gifts that will replace the long evening tales for your children. Halloween is celebrated on October 31 . Every year on this day, the streets of the city change in a fairy tale, they were magicians in pointed hats , the old woman to the ground braid goes , demons , plugs and other nice children can go up and down. Mugs orange pumpkin , empty eye sockets look everywhere — from the shop windows , the windows of the houses , and light a candle inserted into the evening , and all around rejoice : Halloween has come! For thrill-seekers in November on a vintage car race from London — Brighton arranged. November — December — International Music Festival . 2nd half of September : Kardiffsky music festival . In December 25th Christmas ( Christmas) , December 26 — favorite holiday — Boxing Day (Boxing Day) is celebrated . On this day , if you turn to the visit , apparently , it is necessary to present souvenirs masters house, and children — sweets. After the noisy Christmas holidays Christmas day holiday (Christmas Bank Holiday) December 27 is arranged.
  • Everyone knows that England is quite honors its ancient traditions and customs.Traditional for the British and merry Christmas meeting , which in England is considered the biggest holiday. In the last days of December, the police do not know the rest , trying to restore order in the streets, where thousands of moving vehicles and passers-by knocked down sellers in shops, where rush all who have at least some money. But more than any other gets postmen and messenger , who two weeks before Christmas they know neither sleep nor rest . After all, everyone wants to congratulate relatives and friends to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , everyone wants to please the traditional family Christmas gift . New Year’s Eve English mail brings more than a billion greeting cards ! To cope with the violent stream of letters and parcels , postal departments of the country are hiring thousands of temporary postmen .They brought many kind words of congratulations and warm wishes, nice gifts . And of course, they were greeted as welcome guests .(надеюсь понравится)

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