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1) «Where did they live?» He asked
2) «Will you be at the party?» He asked her
3) » Can you meet me at the station?» She asked me
4) «Who knows the answer?» The teacher asked
5) «Why don’t you help me?» She asked him
6)»Did you see that car?» He asked me
7)»Have you tidied up your room?» The mother asked the twins
8)» Are you crazy?» She asked him

Переделать в косвенную речь. 12 предложений уже сделала, осталось 8, но времени остаётся мало, слишком график забит.

  • He asked them where they had lived.
    He asked me if I would be at the party.
    She asked me if I could be at the station.
    The teacher asked them who knew the answer.
    She asked him why he didn’t help her.
    He asked me if I had seen that car.
    The mother asked the twins if they had tidied up their room.
    She asked him if he was crazy.

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