Расскажите о Леонардо Да Винчи, на английском Заранее о

Расскажите о Леонардо Да Винчи ,на английском срочно надо (Плиз)Заранее спасибо))Умоляю надоо))

  • Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in the village near the small town Ankiano Vinci, near Florence in the » three o’clock » that is at 22:30 on the current countdown . Noteworthy Blog Entry Leonardo grandfather , Antonio da Vinci (1372-1468) ( literal translation) : «On Saturday , at three o’clock on April 15 , my grandson was born , the son of my son Piero . Boy named Leonardo . His father baptized Piero di Bartolomeo . » His parents were 25 -year-old notary Piero ( 1427 — 1504 ) and his lover , a peasant woman Caterina . Early Life Leonardo spent with her mother . His father soon married a rich and noble girl, but the marriage was childless, and Piero took his three sons to raise . Separated from his mother Leonardo life trying to recreate her image in his masterpieces . He lived at the time my grandfather . In Italy, the time to illegitimate children are treated almost as rightful heirs. Many influential people of Vinci took part in the future of Leonardo . When Leonardo was 13, his stepmother died in childbirth. His father married again — and again soon left a widower. He lived for 77 years , was married four times and had 12 children. Leonardo ‘s father tried to attach to the family profession, but to no avail : the son was not interested in the laws of society.Leonardo had no surname in the modern sense , » da Vinci » simply means » (originally ) from the town of Vinci .» His full name — Italy . Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, meaning » Leonardo, son of Mr. Piero Vinci .»

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