Переведите текстбез переводчикаLondon, Great Britain1st MarchDear Jess, I’m in London with classmates. Wa are having a great time. Lots to see and to vis

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Great Britain
1st March

Dear Jess,
I’m in London with classmates.Wa are having a great time. Lots to see and to visit in London! Lots to see and to visit in London! Let me tell you about our stay here.
  On Monday, we visited the Tower of London  and spent the whole day there. I took lots of photos. Next to the Tower there’s the famous Tower Bridge. I was lucky to get photos of Tower Bridge when it was open, wasn’t i? I’ll show you sometime. Next day we went to Bucking ham Palace and saw the Changing of the Guard. There were a lot of tourists there. Imagine, there are more than 600 rooms in the palace and the royal family has got a cinema and a swimming pool in there!
  We spent Wednesday in Greenwich. We went there on a boat. We visited the «Prime Meridian», the imaginary line that divides the world into east and west. Fantastic place!
  Yesterday it was rainy and windy, so we went to the British Museum. You collect coins, don’t you? I bought a special souvenir for you there. Hope you’ll like it. Today it’s sunny and warm, and we are going to the London Eye.
  Well, I must go now. It’s time to leave.
  Best wishes

  • Дорогая Джесс.Я в Лондоне с одноклассниками. Мы замечательно проводим время. (Lots?) Много видели и посещали в Лондоне. Мне позволили написать тебе о нашем пребывании здесь. В понедельник мы посетили Лондонский Тауэр и провели весь день там. Я сделал много фотографий. Рядом с Тауэром находится знаменитый Тауэрский мост. Мне повезло сделать фото Тауэрского моста когда он был открыт, (wasn’t i?/ ? ) когда нибудь я покажу тебе.

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